May 06 2021

Investors Flood The Hot Property Market

"The property market is in a buying frenzy, and first home buyers are struggling to get into a property within their budget." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

April 29 2021

Queensland's Vacancy Rate At "Extremely Low" Levels

"There are lines of hungry buyers turning up open homes and auctions as competition for a place to live in Brisbane increases. This is highlighted by the extremely low vacancy rates!" - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer

April 14 2021

6 Signs You're Ready To Buy A Home

"Do you have the right financials and habits in place to secure a property investment? Find out below!" - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer

April 09 2021

Australian House Prices Increased By 500% Over 25 Years

"Choose were you invest your money wisely. Shares of stock? Businesses? Government bonds and securities? Or the property market? It really depends on how much you know about each investment and your appetite for risk!" - Miguel ...

April 01 2021

20 Tax Tips To Maximise Your Rental Property

"Tax is an unavoidable aspect of life, and in property investment. However, it doesn't have to be a pain to do each year. Here are a few tips to help you!" - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

March 25 2021

10 Hidden Costs Of Buying A House Or Apartment

"It's not as simple as having enough money to purchase the land and build a home. There are other fees involved that may shock you if you weren't expecting them!" - Miguel Nitorreda, Data Analyst