January 14 2022

Feature of the Month: Property Details

Step 1 of the Properlytics software is entering the property details. Here, you can put all the basic features and information about the house.

January 14 2022

5 Lessons From Past Property Booms

Property markets around Australia have been buoyant for some time now and memories of the difficult times in real estate we experienced a few years ago have become a faded memory for many of us.

December 07 2021

Investors are Back as New Home Loans Fall

"While owner-occupiers have been the biggest driver of the current surge in house prices, the figures show investors are once again emerging as a force." -Miguel Nitorreda, Data Analyst 

December 03 2021

The Bank of Mum and Dad is Under Pressure

"If you are a parent considering putting a new roof over your children's heads, make sure you don't lose your own! Check out this article to learn more about the rise of the Bank of Mum and Dad." - Marco Zande, Strategy ...