November 09 2021

Banking Watchdog Tightens Mortgage Rules

"Affordability is important for both Australians wanting to buy a home and for those renting. Many factors influence the supply, demand and cost can impact you as mortgage rules continue to tighten." - Miguel Nitorreda, Data ...

October 07 2021

Home Loan Limits Will Impact Single-Income Earners

"For prospective homebuyers, it is important to stay up to date with what could impact your ability to purchase a property and to consider your options." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

September 30 2021

How To Choose The Best Loan For Your Investment

'Choosing the right loan for your investment is crucial when purchasing a property. This article can help you choose the right loan for your investment.' - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager 

September 16 2021

10 Emerging Property Market Trends

"No one can predict with absolute certainty what is going to happen in 5 years time, but there are a few indicators that can lead us to a certain direction." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

September 02 2021

Untapped Potential For Home Owners Who Don't Refinance

"Refinancing your home loan is an under-utilised way to save money and boost cashflow that can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful investment." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

August 27 2021

Property Price Forecast For 2021 & Beyond

"The property market has done well the past couple of months, and many speculate further growth in the future." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager