April 12 2022

Tax Q&A: How Does Equity Affect An Investment Property?

"In regards to an investment property, tax can be one of the more confusing areas to wrap your head around, yet it's one of the most important purposes for the property." - Marco Zande, Strategy Executive.

April 07 2022

Gavin Rubinstein: How to choose the best investment property

"Choosing the right investment property can lead towards financial freedom, so get it right!"- Miguel Nitorreda Recent forecasts might suggest that Australian housing prices are holding at record highs, however, experts believe ...

March 04 2022

3 Factors Shaping Our Property Markets

The last time property prices accelerated at the pace they are moving now Allan Border was captain of the Australian cricket team, the Berlin Wall was being torn down and Bob Hawke was crying on our national television screens in ...