February 11 2021

National Property Prices At Historic Highs

"Demand for new homes continue to push property prices up as prospective buyers line up to inspect property in certain regions." - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer   Australia's property values are higher than they have ...

February 04 2021

3 Ways PropTech Make Real Estate Agent's Life Easier

"It is inevitable for technology to insert itself into the day-to-day operations of a real estate agent. Properlytics allows agents to easily calculate the cash inflows and outflows for their investment property and put it into a ...

January 28 2021

RBA: House Prices Can Spike By 30% If Rates Remain Low

"The official cash rate remains at 0.10% with home loan rates at historic lows. Government stimulus and incentives increase the demand for homes driving the house prices up as analysts in the RBA predict they could increase as ...

January 21 2021

Australia's Top 10 Areas Tipped For Property Growth

"With consumer confidence continually on the rise, low interest rates combined with a myriad of government incentives are projected to boost the value of certain areas around the nation. Don't miss out by reading the article!" - ...

January 15 2021

Feature of the Month: Support Centre

Properlytics is an extremely easy and intuitive to use. Simply enter the property details and all the other variables sought out by the software to receive the comprehensive report at the end of the process.

January 07 2021

Australian House Prices Tipped To Rise In 2021

"A decrease in immigration is expected to hurt certain cities more than others. Despite this, the data from Corelogic revealed a rise in home values over December, with many economists predicting further increases throughout the ...

December 18 2020

What Can We Expect From Australian Property In 2021?

"2020 proved to be very difficult for a lot of people around the world, and yet presented a lot of opportunity for some fortunate Australians. How will Australian property fair in 2021? Find out below!" - Ben Crow, Chief ...