August 17 2020

How Low Mortgage Rates Can Drive Economic Recovery

"The HomeBuilder Scheme, First Home Owner Grant, and record low interest rates in Australia have kept buyers and investors interested. Some property experts claim financing conditions are the best they've ever seen." - Ben Crow

August 06 2020

Out-Of-State Investors Snap Up Property In Queensland

"Restricted interstate travel has not stopped investors from other parts of the nation from purchasing property in Queensland. Virtual tours are becoming more and more accepted as the PropTech space proves crucial." - Ben Crow

July 23 2020

PropTech: The Way Of The Future For Real Estate

"PropTech solutions that can add value to or complement existing real estate firms will survive in the long-term. It is very exciting to see how PropTech will evolve in Australia." - Ben Crow

July 16 2020

PropTech Proved Crucial Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

"Existing real estate agencies and advisory firms can really benefit from PropTech solutions that complement their service. Adapting these digital solutions are a way to stay relevant and survive in the industry." - Ben Crow

July 10 2020

Feature of the Month: Economic Assumptions

Step 6 of the Properlytics journey is economic assumptions. In this step you will be able to add in capital growth assumptions to your overall properlytics report.