May 14 2020

No Major Declines in House Prices

"No one can really predict with absolute precision what will happen to property in Australia, but the numbers for April show a relative steady house price index." - Ben Crow

May 07 2020

Feature of the Month: Funding Structure

Step 3 in completing a Properlytics report is the funding structure. This is where you are able to break down how you are planning to purchase the property.

May 07 2020

Aussies Still Interested In Property

"Despite turbulent times, buyer search activity has increased in the past week across all states and territories due to 'motivated buyers' that could be looking to take advantage of record low interest rates." - Ben Crow

May 07 2020

Low Rates Poised To Buoy Prices

The low interest-rate environment will be crucial in helping cushion the negative impact of the coronavirus outbreak on house prices, according to the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).