Feature of the Month: Funding Structure

May 07 2020

Step 3 in completing a Properlytics report is the funding structure. This is where you are able to break down how you are planning to purchase the property.

You will be required to manually enter all your information, including the amount of cash invested, the type of the loan (Deposit and cost or purchase loan), total loan amount, whether it is principle and interest or interest only, the interest rate and the term of the loan.

Additionally, in the Funding Structure you can look at other costs such as the establishment fees, mortgage insurance, Solicitors fee and a number of others to help you to calculate exactly how much you will need.

The funding structure is step 3 in the 9 step Properlytics process. To see how Properlytics can simplify how you currently model your property calculations & projections, sign up via the link below.