March 02 2020

Apartment Supply Shortage to Hit by 2022

Overview: The number of dwellings completed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to decrease significantly by 2022 - and could experience an undersupply in apartments.

February 14 2020

Brisbane Experiences A Busy Month

In Brisbane property this month, it has been described as the “busiest January in a decade” by some real estate sales agents and we certainly agree with this statement.

January 31 2020

Should you invest in real estate and property in 2020?

Today’s market and the new year prove that there are definite opportunities to be had if you know what you’re looking for. So, what’s ahead for our property market in 2020, and what should you look out for if you’re planning on ...

December 13 2019

10 City Trends For 2020

A drop in car ownership, smaller houses, walkability impacting property prices, residential blocks atop shopping centres, and ‘mini Melbournes’ in outer suburbs. These are the city trends that will begin to emerge next year and ...