August 23 2019

The Best and Worst Performing Suburbs in Australia

Australia’s best and worst performing suburbs of the past 12 months have been revealed, with new data showing the hotspots that have completely bucked the national downward price trend and those that have borne the brunt of it.


August 15 2019

7 Things Successful Property Investors Do

If you’re new to property investing, what are the things you should do to make investing in property a success?  Follow these simple steps and it could save you a bit of time and stress of getting into an investment property.


July 01 2019

Australia’s House Prices Forecast for Growth in 2020

Australia’s property market prices are expected to bottom out in the coming months, followed by modest price growth forecast in 2020, according to economic modelling by Domain.Interest rate cuts, banking regulator lending ...


June 25 2019

Property investment advice: 5 tips for investors

It may be frustrating for the property investor with a longer time horizon who can spot a great property investment opportunity, but experts say funding is available for those prepared to put in some extra effort. Here are ...


June 24 2019

ATO's latest property investment crackdown

It comes as a growing number of people top up their exisiting loans, then claim deductions on cash being used for new cars, holidays or to pay down other debt.