What makes an investment property attractive to potential tenants and buyers?

March 11 2019

Buying an investment property is an entirely different game from buying your own home. When you buy an investment property, you consider not your personal tastes but the needs of your potential tenant and buyer.

Any dwelling can be an investment property, but not all can be a profitable one. Before you shop around and start building your investment portfolio, see to it that you know how to see potential from the properties that you will encounter.

Take note that there are two ways you can make money from an investment property — either by leasing or selling it. If you lease your property, you get a steady stream of money in the form of rents. On the other hand, the amount you will get by selling the property depends on the growth of its value over time.

The more the property grows its value, the more lucrative and profitable it will be. Asking yourselves these questions will help you determine which properties are suited for an investment portfolio:

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