Transitioning in Tough Times - How Properlytics Can Help You

March 27 2020

Author: Ben Crow, Properlytics

The property industry like many others needs to adapt to change in these challenging times. Properlytics provides a great platform to get better understanding of where you can free up some money in difficult times.

Have you thought about how you can transition your business to minimise the effect of COVID-19?

Today, your clients expect a high level of service. This has been built into society with everything we do. The PropTech movement has always presented an opportunity for businesses to simplify the way they operate and assist property professionals to save time. The current changes to the market have opened the door for the industry to realise the potential of PropTech to increase service to clients when face to face interactions have been removed.

Everyday, there are more and more updates, people are nervous about their position, property, and are constantly asking ‘What does it all mean for me?’. Properlytics provides a platform that can assist professionals in the property industry to educate their clients about their investments. 

At Properlytics, we want to work with industry professionals in Australia to help them increase their service offering to clients over this difficult time. Many people are doing it tough at the moment and will continue to do so over the coming months. How could you assist them? 

Clarity and peace of mind for people in a challenging time can make a huge difference to someone's overall wellbeing. A Properlytics report will help you demonstrate to a client factors like what a rate cut means for them. Will it free up some cashflow for them and take some pressure off? If your clients income/ combined income was to change, what would that mean for them?

Not everything that comes out at the moment has to have a negative spin on it. Challenging times present opportunities for businesses to come out on top based on how they react. 

In a time of need, people appreciate someone reaching out and offering some assistance, and as dark as the future looks with Covid19 in Australia, there really is an opportunity for those that react and pivot to offer their clients a level of service, over and above what they are receiving elsewhere.

We want to help you, to help your clients. At Properlytics, we want to empower the industry professionals around the country to help your clients and remove some of their financial stress. To do this, we want to offer Properlytics to for FREE for 6 months so you can help! We need you to help make this a reality.

To activate your Free Account, click the link below and use the code STAYSAFE  to activate the 6 month Free offer!