Transitioning in Tough Times

April 08 2020

Author: Ben Crow, Properlytics

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, there has been a monumental shift in the way many businesses  run their day to day operations. Due to the forced closure of most office spaces and enforced work from home policies, this has forced businesses to implement new technology stacks into their business to keep things running as normal.

The rollout of technology is great for day to day operations like meetings and project management, but what about maintaining a level of service for clients that they have come to expect.

Nurturing clients and keeping strong relationships with your client base is more important than ever, but with rules enforced around social distancing, it is very hard to maintain this the same way as you did Pre-Covid19. 

Real Estate is a perfect example of a very forward facing industry due to the way that business is conducted. The client and professional relationship is very present in every transaction, from conversations to viewing properties, all the way through to sale. 

However, for the professional it is after the point of sale where the level of service can then provide them with an even greater reward. Referrals. 

Trust is built and earned through a transaction and off the back of this comes referrals, that continue to drive the business.

Covid19 poses a threat for businesses, as it creates a potential roadblock in the relationship and service offering for clients.

Businesses that are able to act fast and pivot towards new technology will position themselves to be ahead of the curve and be able to maintain a level of service to clients in a different way, that can potentially pivot the way the business operates.

How can you improve you service offering to clients? Have you looked at different ways to assist your business to continue to build through these tough times?

PropTech has been pushing change through the property industry for years now, but due to coronavirus it has now become more of a necessity to implement organisational change than a nice to have. 

Businesses that pivot and adapt the fastest to changing times will give themselves every opportunity to make it through these tough times and come out the other side with stronger business processes.

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