Feature of the Month: Properlytics Report

November 12 2020

After you've gone through the simple 9-step process, you will be able to produce a Properlytics report that compiles all the data you've entered in the previous steps.

It calculates all the information and makes it easy for users to comprehend all the information, so they can make the right decisions. Whether users are handling multiple clients and properties as part of their business, or they have their own personal investment, Properlytics generates reports that can be stored in their own account or printed for multiple clients.

The reports are customisable and the Properlytics platform will give you the option to add in headshots or logos as well as contact details, so that it will be branded when it is passed over to clients. For businesses, the report creates a great addition to sales pitches and a great tool when working with clients to help them make an informed buying decision.

The Properlytics report gives you the option  to produce year-on-year projections up to 15 years, as well as showcase all the calculations in an easy to digest format based on the variables that have been entered in previous steps, highlighting the value and potential of investments in years to come.

Take control of your property projections and calculations and complete a Properlytics Report today!

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