Feature of the Month: Economic Assumptions

July 10 2020

Step 6 of the Properlytics journey is economic assumptions. In this step you will be able to add in capital growth assumptions to your overall properlytics report. This will allow you to calculate the projections of the property, taking into account the capital growth rate you added, while also taking into account inflation across rental expense, taxable income and living expenses over the entire period.

By using Properlytics, you will be able to forecast the growth of your property so you can plan accordingly for the future. Properlytics users manually update economic assumptions in the platform to predict future outcomes, allowing you to project the growth of your property across different growth rates. You will know what to expect if the market conditions have changed.

Step 6 of the Properlytics journey empowers investors to make more informed buying decisions, based on projections for up to 50 years. It allows them to manipulate capital growth and inflation rates to predict how changes would affect your overall investment strategy.

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