Free Covid19 Support for Property Investors

March 27 2020

Author: Ben Crow, Properlytics

Over the last few weeks, life in Australia as we know it has changed considerably. Everyday there are changes and new updates that affect us all in different ways.

Through all of this Australians will be experiencing financial stress when trying to deal with the unknown of what’s to come. For property investors and homeowners this is now very relevant with a number of changes set to be introduced on top of the emergency rate cut last week.

At Properlytics, we want to help Australians manage these extremely challenging times and offer our support to you. 

We want to help you to stay on top of your investments and be able to effectively model your property throughout this period as these changes are announced. 

To do this, we are offering Properlytics for Free for a minimum of 6 months to help Australians to better understand and manage these ongoing changes.

Our platform is a simple to use, in-depth property calculations and projections tool that we want to make available for everyone to help them through this difficult time.

To activate your 6 Months Free click the link below and use the coupon code STAYSAFE