14 PropTech Companies You Need to Know About

November 04 2019


Most Australians deal with property at some point in their life - there are hardly any exemptions. Technology related to property, or ‘PropTech’ aims to disrupt current business models and streamline how we trade, use or operate all the real estate around us.

There is a definite need in the market. Thus, the number of PropTech companies in Australia continues to increase. Competition is fierce, yet we’ve identified a few companies that have risen above the rest and set the standard in the industry.

1. Properlytics


Sector of PropTech: Residential/ Investment

Tech Category: Data Analytics

Solution: An in-depth property calculations and projections tool that helps you understand the true value of your investments

Value proposition: Properlytics allows you to simplify the way you produce property calculations and projections, allowing you to manage multiple clients and/ or properties from anywhere at any time, with the option of producing an easy to understand, customisable report.

2. CityShape


Sector of PropTech: Development

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: To help better understand a suburb’s development opportunity, risk and activity.

Value proposition: City Shape allows professionals to find and track projects, identify properties for development and conduct research and due diligence.

3. ArchiStar


Sector of PropTech: Development

Tech Category: AI

Solution: Single web based platform to transform the development process.

Value proposition: Powered by smart data and global leading innovation, we build cutting edge and user friendly archi-technology to give you confidence in making smart decisions regarding your property.

4. Vendorable


Sector of PropTech: Residential

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: Gets property owners better value for money and provides a transparent process when selling or leasing a property. It even provides agents a platform to find new business.

Value proposition: Vendorable's mission is to organise the world's real estate industries. To achieve this, Vendorable is connecting real estate industry participants in a new service delivery environment.

5. ActivePipe


Sector of PropTech: Management

Tech Category: Data Analytics

Solution: Software that qualifies leads to create a funnel of prospective clients before your competitors.

Value proposition: ActivePipe shows you exactly which contacts to speak to and why, so you can build meaningful relationships that lead to sales for your business.

6. Next Address


Sector of PropTech: Residential

Tech Category: AI

Solution: Connects buyers and sellers using AI

Value proposition: Next Address is a real estate solution that connects buyers and sellers directly to the property. It gives property owners control and transparency while bypassing the real estate agents fee from the process. They use AI technology to create a ‘Smart Match” Marketplace.

7. Proply


Sector of PropTech: Residential

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: Streamlined, web-based proposal platform for real estate agents and property Managers.

Value proposition: Proply provides a web-based app for real estate agents and property managers to send proposals straight to vendors and landlords. The platform is user-friendly and customisable, with the ability to create interactive proposals from a variety of stylish templates in just minutes.


wlth-1Sector of PropTech: Personal Finance

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: An easy way to manage your properties in one place

Value Proposition: With live feeds from RP Data Corelogic, OCR rental statement technology, Yodlee API’s to track all your loan information and document storage, WLTH allows you to track everything in one place, making managing your property portfolio easy.

9. FastBrick Robotics

fbr-logo_orig-1Sector of PropTech: Development

Tech Category: Robotics

Solution: Fastbrick Robotics provided a solution for a shortage of bricklayers in the property industry during the boom

Value proposition: Hadrian X uses ‘dynamic stabilisation technology’ to provide accuracy in building walls, despite weather conditions. FastBrick claims its robot can build a standard-sized house in as little as 2 days. This technology is still in testing, but Hadrian X could be the smart solution to labour shortages.

10. Safety Compass


Sector of PropTech: Development

Tech Category: Augmented Reality

Solution: Displays real and present dangers on the worksite

Value proposition: Safety Compass provides interactive safety information through mobile augmented reality. By accessing the worker’s physical location, the app presents live information on present dangers straight to the worker’s phone. The app uses the phone’s inbuilt camera and GPS system to display real and present dangers to the viewer that adapt to the viewer’s field of vision.

11. HouseRoo


Sector of PropTech: Management

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: Allows you to track your entire property journey from start to finish

Value proposition: HouseRoo’s primary function is to keep buyers and sellers in the loop when it comes to their transactions.It allows your to track your Agent, Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker and Building & Pest Inspector with one click.

12. Equiem

fit-1Sector of PropTech: Residential

Tech Category: Platform

Solution: Equiem provides tenants an engagement platform to landlords globally.

Value proposition: The Equiem platform connects tenants to facilities and local services, such as dry cleaning, exercise classes, and a marketplace of local businesses. Landlords can then access data through the platform about tenant satisfaction. Its current customer base includes Knight Frank, Adams & Co, and Lendlease.

13. Simple.Space

logo_clean-1Sector of PropTech: Commercial

Tech Category: Data Analytics

Solution: Platform created to help businesses visualise and plan their workspaces to be as efficient and productive as possible

Value proposition: Simple.Space delivers workplace analytics using sensors to provide information such as which spaces are rarely used, and allows businesses to trial team relocating scenarios before a physical upheaval.

14. Realar


Sector of PropTech: Residential

Tech Category: Augmented Reality

Solution: Add 2D floor-plans or convert 3D models into walk-throughs and amazing life-sized experiences.

Value proposition: Realar uses the very latest leading-edge technology. Whether you're working with home sales consultants, real estate agents or building professionals, Realar easily converts ideas into full-size so you can quickly understand floor-plans and building designs inside and out.

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